Scuba lessons

We are associated with Scuba Diving International (SDI). The decision was made not because SDI costs less than PADI. (It is. And we pass on the savings to you by lowering our price.)

We go with Scuba Diving International (SDI) because it is the recreational arm of Technical Diving International (TDI) and Emergency Response Diving International (EDRI).

While TDI is the world’s largest technical diver training organization, EDRI provides training in search and rescue techniques for the police, fire, and other public safety organizations. As a result, SDI's program teaches recreational diving through the lens of professional diving. Taking recreational scuba diving to new levels, it enhances older (maybe even outdated) diving practices by incorporating new diving technology and emphasizing safety. Its safety drills are superb. SDI even offers recreational divers certifications for solo diving. Most other recreational diver agencies prescribe diving with a "buddy" at all times.

PADI courses are solid. But because it certifies a great number of learners, the instructors are required to stick rigidly to its program, which caters to the average learner.

But SDI is flexible enough to let its instructors integrate their experience into the lessons. This develops your diving skills faster because we can teach to your ability. If you learn quickly, we will teach at a standard higher than PADI. If you have difficulty with some drills, we will spend more time on it, especially if it is important and concerns safety.

After completing your practice in the swimming pool, you will complete the last phase of training at sea.

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